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Annoyingly small batch chocolate.



We use beans from around the world. The beans in each batch are from a single place or region. The flavors you taste vary only because of where the bean is from.

The soil, surrounding vegetation, atmosphere, and the fermentation method vary between places of origin and give the bean vastly different flavors even when grown within a few miles of each other.


SpiceD Bars


We like to experiment with different spices in some of our bars. To do this, we add the powdered or dried form of the spice, as any water molecules would ruin the chocolate.




Nearly four years ago, in an attempt to escape the doldrums of work, I decided I needed a hobby. I burst into Zac's room and declared: "I'm going to make chocolate. From the bean to the bar; the whole shebang. Do you want to help?" In a moment of surprise and/or stupidity he said “Sure.” But when he asked how. I had no answer.

After a few dozen atrocious batches and a room full of specialized and hacked-together mechanisms, here we are.

We hope you enjoy the fruits of our chaos.
Randy Zack & Zac Policzer